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Amare Global Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve come upon Amare Global promotions online, you might be taking into consideration whether or not this possibility aligns together with your pastimes. Amare Global operates as a multi-level advertising and marketing (MLM) organization, specializing in the sale of products associated with vitamins, health, and mental well-being.

This comprehensive Amare Global evaluation delves into the enterprise’s historical past, the technique of becoming a member of Amare Global, an exploration of their compensation plan, and a balanced exam of the pros and cons. Armed with these records, you can make an educated selection about your involvement with the business enterprise.

The burning query on many minds: Is Amare Global a rip-off, or is it a valid MLM company? Additionally, we’ll cope with whether there’s an ongoing Amare Global Lawsuit. Let’s discover these components to provide readability on the organization’s standing and any legal complaints that may be underway.

Before we delve into the intricacies of Amare Global, let’s set the stage.

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Now, turning our attention to the spotlight of 2023, let’s scrutinize the landscape of Amare Global in this comprehensive review.

Amare Global Unveiled: A Holistic Approach to Mental Wellness

Founded as a Multi-Level Marketing company, Amare Global focuses on marketing a diverse array of mental wellness and nutritional products. It positions itself as a holistic mental wellness platform, aiming to provide products that contribute to the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive lifestyle for its users.

Scientifically Backed Products

Amare Global boldly asserts that its products are meticulously backed by scientific research. These revolutionary offerings purportedly operate by balancing the chemicals within your body. In essence, they are designed to bolster the primary psychological drivers of mental wellness.

Targeting Beyond the Brain: The Gut Connection

Challenging conventional wisdom, Amare Global posits that the chemicals responsible for negative states of mind, such as depression and anxiety, may not solely originate in the brain. Even if produced, they might be insufficient to meet the day-to-day expectations of an average person.

According to Amare Global’s groundbreaking theory, the primary focus should extend beyond the brain to another crucial organ: the gut. Dr. Talbott from Amare Global emphasizes that our gut plays a pivotal role in addressing mental wellness.

Revolutionary Research: Gut-Brain Connection

If you’ve come upon Amare Global promotions online, you might be taking into consideration whether or not this possibility aligns together with your pastimes. Amare Global operates as a multi-level advertising and marketing (MLM) organisation, specializing within the sale of products associated with vitamins, health, and mental well being.

This comprehensive Amare Global evaluation delves into the enterprise’s historical past, the technique of becoming a member of Amare Global, an exploration of their compensation plan, and a balanced exam of the pros and cons. Armed with these records, you can make an educated selection about your involvement with the business enterprise.

The burning query on many minds: Is Amare Global a rip-off, or is it a valid MLM company? Additionally, we’ll cope with whether there’s an ongoing Amare Global Lawsuit. Let’s discover these components to provide readability on the organization’s standing and any legal complaints that may be underway.

The visionary mind behind Amare Global is Hiep Tran, who laid the foundation for this MLM company in 2016.

Derived from the Latin word meaning “to love,” the name Amare encapsulates the company’s profound mission — to empower individuals to embrace and love life. It emphasizes the transformative notion that one must cultivate self-love before extending it to others.

Tran’s journey to founding Amare Global took an unconventional turn. At the age of 23, he made the pivotal decision to step away from pursuing a career in medical school. Instead, he ventured into the corporate world, working for a payment processing company. This experience eventually culminated in the sale of the business.

Following the sale, Tran, alongside a partner, invested their savings to establish Meritus Payment Solutions. Despite achieving significant success with the new venture, Tran found himself at a crossroads where his professional accomplishments came at the cost of his physical and mental well-being, ultimately leading him down a path of alcoholism.

The turning point in Tran’s life emerged from the shadows of his mistakes and challenges. His fervent passion for health and wellness blossomed, driven by personal experiences. Out of this transformative journey, Amare was conceived — a testament to Tran’s commitment to helping others embark on their own paths to health and wellness.

The inception of the company involved collaboration with several key individuals:

– Mike Brown (Founding Executive & Chief Marketing Officer)

– Rich Higbee (Founding Executive & President of Sales)

– Shawn Talbott (Founding Executive & Chief Science Officer)

– Mark Nguyen (Founding Executive & Chief Technology Officer)

Situated in Irvine, California, Amare Global operates from 17872 Gillette Avenue, Ste 100, Irvine, CA 92614-6573.

Notably, Dr. Scott Talbott, a co-founder and the lead product researcher and developer for Amare Global, has a past legal history. In 2004, he faced a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The allegations centered around Dr. Talbott making unsubstantiated product claims and utilizing misleadingly formatted infomercials to promote dietary products (CortiSlim & CortiStress) through his former company, Window Rock Enterprises, Inc. This legal episode provides a nuanced backdrop to Dr. Talbott’s involvement with Amare Global.

Products of Amare Global

Amare Global boasts a diverse array of products encompassing nutrition, health, and mental awareness. However, the company places a distinct emphasis on the innovative concept of gut-brain-heart axis nutrition.

In our exploration of Amare Global, we’ve drawn comparisons with other companies employing a similar business model, such as Pampered Chef, NorthStar, and Velovita.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the noteworthy products offered by Amare:

1. Amare Mental Focus: Serving as the company’s flagship product, Amare Mental Focus comprises a line of supplements, including a daily supplement, a chewable tablet, and a liquid shot. This specialized blend is crafted to enhance cognitive function and memory.

2. FundaMentals: This comprehensive package encompasses MentaBiotics, MentaFocus, MentaSync, MentaHeart, Amare FundaMentals pack, and Three Brains Fundamental Pack. Priced at $74.95, it presents a holistic approach to nutrition and well-being.

Explore the diverse offerings of Amare Global through their thoughtfully curated product packs, each designed to cater to specific wellness needs. Opting for these packs allows customers to enjoy a selection of products at more favorable prices.

1. Amare Fundamentals Pack: Featuring Menta Biotics, Menta Focus, and Menta Sync, this pack is priced at $134.95, providing a significant discount from the retail price of $234. Menta Sync, a key component, contains organic mushrooms rich in immune-boosting alpha glucans, well-documented for enhancing immune system responsiveness. It also incorporates wellmune, a specialized yeast beta-glucan, and brown marine seaweed with Fucoidan, promoting gut health, immune system modulation, and cell-to-cell communication.

2. Amare Fundamentals Pack Plus: Expanding on the Fundamentals Pack, this variant includes Menta Heart, bringing the total price to $184.90, a substantial reduction from the retail price of $338.

3. Family Wellness Pack: A comprehensive family-oriented package comprising 2x Menta Biotics, 2x Menta Focus, 2x Menta Sync, Menta Heart, 1x Kids Fundamentals, 1x Kids Vita GBX, and 1 Kids Mood. Priced at $459.95, this pack offers a substantial discount from the retail price of $874.

4. Launch Pack: A premium assortment featuring an extensive range of products, from Menta Biotics to GBX Superfood and Kids Mood+. Priced at $849.95, this pack provides remarkable value compared to the retail price of $1,608.

5. Amare Kids Pack: Tailored for the younger demographic, this pack includes Kids VitaGBX, Kids Mood+, and Kids Fundamental pack, priced at $117.95, saving from the retail price of $198.

6. Core Wellness Pack: Encompassing Menta Biotics, Menta Focus, VitaGBX, and OmMega, this foundational wellness pack is priced at $188.95, offering a discount from the retail price of $328.

7. Project b3 Pack: A curated selection featuring VitaGBX, GBX Seed Fiber, 2x GBX Protein, and GBX Superfood. Priced at $274.95, this pack represents a saving from the retail price of $486.

All Amare Global products are exclusively available through independent distributors serving as Amare Global customers. While the products are not currently certified organic, they are free from gluten and genetically modified organisms.

It’s essential to note that Amare products have not undergone evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nonetheless, they uphold the highest quality standards through rigorous quality control measures, including raw material testing, manufacturer inspections, and finished product testing. Amare products are crafted to enhance overall quality of life rather than diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent specific diseases.

Understanding the Mechanics of Amare Global

Amare Global offers three distinct membership options: Retail Customer, Preferred Customer, and Wellness Partner.

Retail Customer

For those opting for the Retail Customer membership, there is no entrance fee. Members enjoy the convenience of a flat-rate shipping fee of $4.99.

Preferred Customer

Becoming a Preferred Customer involves an annual fee of $24.95. In return, members gain access to Amare products at a wholesale price, entailing a 25% discount off the retail cost. This tier comes with additional perks, including the accumulation of free product points and the opportunity to save through rewards.

Furthermore, an enticing bonus awaits Preferred Customers upon their first subscription—a complimentary product and potential savings of approximately $40. As an added incentive, referring others to Amare can earn Preferred Customers yet another free product.

These membership options cater to diverse preferences, whether one seeks the simplicity of retail purchases or desires the enhanced benefits and savings associated with Preferred Customer status.

Becoming an Amare Global Wellness Partner involves an annual investment of $69.95, unlocking the door to establishing and growing your own business. This membership equips you with the essential tools needed to capitalize on earning opportunities within Amare Global’s robust compensation plan.

Upon subscribing, Wellness Partners gain the privilege of selling Amare Global products, albeit at a 25% discounted rate. This enables them to earn commissions on their sales, creating a pathway for financial success. Additionally, Wellness Partners have the chance to qualify for incentive trips, providing exciting rewards for their achievements.

As a Wellness Partner, you receive a complimentary personalized website complete with an app and back-office functionalities, allowing for personalized modifications to enhance your online presence.

Independent distributors, known as Wellness Partners, have the potential to earn commissions on their product sales. Bonuses become accessible when specific sales thresholds are achieved. To navigate the compensation plan effectively, it’s essential to understand key terms:

  • Personal Sales Volume (PSV): A minimum of 50 PSV per month is required to qualify for commissions.
  • Team Sales Volume (TSV): Wellness Partners earn a percentage of the TSV generated by their downline.
  • Qualifying Team Sales Volume (QTSV): Bonuses are earned when the team achieves QTSV.

To remain eligible for commissions, active distributor status must be maintained, defined by Amare Global as a distributor who has purchased products within the last 12 months.

For those eager to kickstart their business journey with a substantial product assortment, the Launch Pack, priced at $849.95, offers exceptional value. Laden with products, samples, brochures, and more, this comprehensive pack exceeds $1,600 in worth. Opting for the Launch Pack not only provides a robust starting point but also waives the $69.95 joining fee, making it an enticing option for aspiring Wellness Partners.

How to join Amare Global

Embarking on your journey as an Amare Global Partner is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to initiate your partnership:

1. Navigate to the official Amare Global website.

2. On the website, locate and click on the “Get Started” or “Be A Wellness Partner” buttons.

3. Complete the provided personal information form, ensuring accuracy in your details.

4. If you were referred to Amare Global by another Partner, input their Referral ID as part of the registration process.

5. If you discovered Amare independently, respond with “No” to the question “Were you referred to Amare?” Then, elaborate on how you found the company in the designated field before proceeding by clicking “Continue.”

6. Subsequently, you will be prompted to choose and purchase an Enrollment Pack along with any additional Amare Global products that align with your preferences.

7. If you opt not to purchase an enrollment pack, proceed by clicking “Checkout” on the website’s cart icon.

8. Enter your shipping and billing addresses, carefully review and accept the Terms & Conditions and Policies & Procedures, and then click “Continue.”

9. Take a final look at your order, select a preferred shipping method, and conclude the process by clicking “Place Order.”

By diligently following these steps, you’ll seamlessly join the ranks of Amare Global Partners, ready to embark on a rewarding journey in health and wellness.

Unlocking the Potential of Amare Global’s Compensation Plan

Amare Global, operating within the multi-level marketing landscape, presents an enticing compensation plan designed to facilitate earnings through two primary avenues:

1. Retail Profits:

As an Amare Global distributor, running your own business enables you to procure products at a discounted rate. Subsequently, you can sell these products at the suggested retail price, thereby earning profits.

2. Recruitment:

The recruitment aspect of the compensation plan comes into play as you build and lead a team of distributors. This dimension allows you to earn commissions, incentives, and bonuses based on the sales performance of your downline.

Amare Global’s compensation plan encompasses seven commission ranks, with ascending ranks correlating to increased sales generation. Advancement in rank corresponds to higher commission rates on product sales. The plan also introduces a Leadership Pool, offering top distributors the opportunity to earn a percentage of the company’s global sales volume.

One notable feature is the ability to receive compensation seven levels deep from your downline. This distinctive characteristic often draws individuals to MLM opportunities, as it represents a mechanism for generating passive income through the establishment of a robust and thriving team.

The key to maximizing earning potential within Amare Global’s compensation plan lies in building a strong and dedicated team. This not only amplifies commissions but also opens doors to additional incentives and bonuses, providing a comprehensive framework for financial success.

Explore Additional Avenues for Earning in the Amare Global MLM Program

Beyond the core elements of Amare Global’s compensation plan, there are supplementary avenues that amplify your potential for earning:

1. Go Forward Infinity Bonus Commissions:

Achieving the top three ranks in the company unlocks the Go Forward Infinity Bonus, providing participants with enhanced commissions.

2. Unilevel Residual Commission:

This component entails bonuses derived from the sales performance of your downline, contributing to a steady stream of residual income.

3. Heart Start Bonus Commission:

A special bonus structure, the Heart Start Bonus Commission, comes into play during your initial 60 days as a Wellness Partner. It offers additional incentives on products sold within this introductory period.

4. Revenue Bonus Pool Commission:

As you ascend through the ranks within the business, the Revenue Bonus Pool Commission kicks in, offering extra commission rewards.

5. Customer Volume Bonus:

Amare Global introduces a Customer Volume Bonus, computed monthly based on the cumulative sales volume. This bonus takes into account both your personal sales and the sales generated by those you’ve recruited. Upon reaching specified sales quotas, you become eligible for a Personal Customer Volume Bonus, ranging from 5% to an impressive 35%.

These supplementary earning avenues, coupled with the core components of the compensation plan, present a multifaceted approach to financial success within the Amare Global MLM program. Whether through bonuses, residual commissions, or volume-based rewards, each element contributes to a comprehensive and rewarding income opportunity.

Advantages of Engaging with Amare Global

1. Still Relatively New and In The Momentum Phase:

Amare Global’s emergence in 2016 places it in a prime position as a potentially captivating business opportunity. The company is currently navigating the momentum phase, a critical period where significant growth and interest typically occur. Although the surge in interest has moderated, entering the company at this juncture provides an opportunity to capitalize on the sustained curiosity surrounding Amare Global.

2. Commission Structure:

Amare Global boasts a commendable commission structure. Wellness Partners enjoy a 25% commission on product sales, aligning with the discount offered by the company. In comparison to other MLM companies, Amare Global stands out with its competitive commission rates. While maintaining a consistent income requires substantial sales, the commission structure is conducive to profitability.

3. Accredited by Better Business Bureau:

As a testament to its commitment to ethical business practices, Amare Global holds membership in the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has earned an esteemed A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This accreditation underscores the company’s dedication to transparency and integrity.

4. Return Policy:

Amare Global provides a customer-friendly 30-day money-back guarantee for its products. This assurance reflects the company’s confidence in the quality of its offerings, instilling trust and satisfaction among customers.

5. Positive Reviews of Amare Global’s Products:

The positive reception of Amare Global’s products is evident through numerous reviews. While acknowledging the need for discernment in interpreting online feedback, various sources beyond social media platforms corroborate the favorable sentiments towards Amare Global’s products. The presence of positive reviews underscores the company’s success in delivering products that resonate with consumers.

In summary, Amare Global positions itself favorably in the MLM landscape, offering a promising business opportunity during its current growth phase. The robust commission structure, accreditation, customer-friendly policies, and positive product reviews contribute to the overall appeal of engaging with Amare Global.

Drawbacks of Engaging with Amare Global

1. Expensive Products:

One notable drawback of Amare Global is the relatively high cost of its products. The premium pricing may pose a challenge when attempting to market these items, especially considering the availability of more economical alternatives in the supplement market. For instance, Amare’s Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Phytobiotics are priced at $66.95, while comparable products like Well-Rated Probiotics and Prebiotics can be found on Amazon for $30.08. The potential barrier created by higher prices may limit the market appeal, as consumers often seek cost-effective options for similar health supplements.

2. Perceived Value of “Unique” Science:

While Amare Global emphasizes the Brain-Gut-Axis “science” as a unique selling point, the actual value perception may vary among consumers. While the scientific approach is positioned as distinct, market preferences often lean towards affordable pricing rather than perceived uniqueness. Striking a balance between scientific innovation and cost-effectiveness remains crucial in meeting consumer expectations.

Amidst the company’s strengths, these factors represent areas where Amare Global may face challenges in attracting a wider customer base. The pricing structure and perceived value proposition may influence the competitive positioning of Amare Global’s products within the broader market.

Is Amare Global a Legitimate Opportunity?

Amare Global stands as a legitimate MLM company, backed by a sound compensation plan and an impressive product line. However, caution is warranted for individuals seeking a full-time income source, as the challenges and risks associated with MLM endeavors are significant.

The reality is that the likelihood of failure in the MLM landscape, including Amare Global, is considerable, with estimates reaching as high as 99%. Success hinges on your ability to sell products or build a successful team, making your income contingent on these factors.

Given that Amare Global is a relatively new MLM entrant, the potential for substantial earnings remains uncertain, primarily benefiting those at the upper echelons of the hierarchy. The higher price point of the products may pose a hurdle in marketing against more established commercial brands, potentially limiting income potential.

While Amare Global is a legitimate venture with its merits, individuals should approach it with a realistic understanding of the challenges inherent in the MLM industry and carefully evaluate their financial expectations and risk tolerance before committing to this opportunity.


Q. Are Amare Global Products Safe?

A. Amare products uphold the highest quality standards, undergoing rigorous quality control measures, including raw material testing, manufacturer inspections, and finished product testing. These processes ensure that customers receive products of utmost safety and quality. Nevertheless, individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription drugs, or have underlying medical conditions should seek medical advice before using Amare products. For children, consulting with a healthcare provider is recommended.

Q. Are Amare Global Products Natural?

A. The nature of Amare Global products varies based on the specific product and desired potency of ingredients. While the company emphasizes natural ingredients, there are instances where they use “nature-identical” synthetics if superior to natural alternatives.

Q. Is Amare Global a Pyramid Scheme?

A. No, Amare Global is not a pyramid scheme. It operates as a legitimate platform for selling mental wellness products and recruiting members.

Q. Are Amare Global Products Organic?

A. Amare products are not entirely organic at present, but they are free from gluten and genetically modified organisms. The company incorporates “nature-identical” synthetics when superior to natural alternatives, ensuring the highest quality through multiple layers of quality control.

Q. Are Amare Global Products Vegan?

A. With the exception of OmMega, all Amare Global products are vegan. However, some products, such as MentaBiotics and VitaGBX, may use ingredients like milk derivatives or lanolin-derived Vitamin D3. The company is committed to exploring alternative options for future product developments.

Q. Do Amare Global Products Contain Dairy?

A. While MentaBiotics comes into contact with whey during its manufacturing process, it does not contain dairy. Individuals with severe dairy allergies should exercise caution and seek medical advice before using the product.

Q. Are Amare Global Products Safe for People with Nut Allergies?

A. Amare Global products undergo a manufacturing process that avoids cross-contamination with the “Big 8 Allergens.” Extra precautions are taken when dealing with products that involve these allergens.

Q. Do Amare Global Products Show Up on A Drug Test?

A. Amare Global products, made from natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables, are not known to show up on drug tests. HempGBX+ is the exception, as it requires thorough consideration and a global Amare review.

Q. Can You Really Make Money With Amare Global?

A. While making money through multi-level marketing is feasible, it is not the most straightforward or popular business option for various reasons. Success in building a profitable MLM business is attainable, but individuals exploring business opportunities should consider alternative options for a more streamlined and accessible path to success.

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