ICDS RRS Online: A Comprehensive Guide to icons.wcd.nic.in

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The ICDS, standing for the Integrated Child Development Service Scheme is an initiative by the Indian government dedicated to the Welfare and Development of Women and Children. The wcd.nic ICDS aims to provide various facilities related to Anganwadi, E-Sadhana, and Poshan Abhiyan. This comprehensive program encompasses services accessible through the ICDS Login portal, including features like Anganwadi management, E-Sadhana, and Poshan Abhiyan.

Focusing on the online aspect, the RRS ICDS WCD portal, is available at icds.wcd.nic.in, plays a crucial role in managing services related to Anganwadi. Governed by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development under the Indian government, this platform introduced the Rapid Reporting System (RRS) Portal on May 25, 2016. The RRS project is a collaborative effort between the National Informatics Centre and the Ministry of Women and Child Development, aiming to streamline and enhance the reporting system for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. This article will delve into the intricacies of ICDS Online login, CAS Dashboard, WCD ICDS RRS Portal, icds monthly progress report, icds-wcd.nic.in mpr, and other pertinent details related to the initiative.

Key Highlights of icds wcd RRS Portal

Portal NameICDS WCD


Integrated Child Development Service Scheme


Supplementary Nutrition Pre-school non-formal education Nutrition & health education Immunization Health check-up and Referral services


Ministry of Women & Child Development, India

Official Website


The RRS ICDS Portal 2024 and Women and Child Development

WCD, which stands for Women and Child Development, represents a significant initiative launched by the Indian government dedicated to the welfare and development of women and children. This project is designed to provide a range of benefits to mothers and children alike. To access more information, individuals can conveniently visit nearby Anganwadi Centers and AWMs, where they will find resources and support related to the Women and Child Development initiative.

Advantages offered by icds-wcd.nic.in

Beneficiary CategoryCost Norms per Beneficiary per DayRevised Cost Norms per Beneficiary per Day (Phased Roll-out)
Children (6 months to 72 months)Rs. 4.00Rs. 6.00
Severely malnourished children (6 months-72 months)Rs. 6.00Rs. 9.00
Pregnant women and lactating mothersRs. 5.00Rs. 7.00

RRS Portal MPR Login and ASR Report on WCD NIC ICDS

The acronym RRS stands for Rapid Reporting System, a cutting-edge approach introduced by the Indian government through the icds-wcd.nic.in the portal to revolutionize the Monthly Progress Report (MPR) mechanism. The RRS Portal is specifically designed to facilitate the web MPR ICDS monitoring system, focusing on the monitoring of the Scheme for Adolescent Girls.

The Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) Scheme, a federally funded initiative, finds comprehensive support through the RRS Portal. It incorporates a web MPR ICDS monitoring system tailored for the Scheme for Adolescent Girls, contributing to effective program management.

The WCD ICDS plans offer a range of incentives to women and children, encouraging their active participation in regular schools with the assistance of Anganwadi centers and AWMs. This holistic program is dedicated to enhancing awareness about health, cleanliness, and nutrition, aiming to empower individuals to improve their overall well-being.

Enhanced Reporting Features of WCD ICDS RRS

The WCD ICDS RRS Reporting system embodies several key features to promote transparency and digitization, with a primary focus on the icds monthly progress report. This system facilitates the seamless preparation of Anganwadi Monthly Progress reports through efficient online monitoring.

A distinctive aspect of the ICDS RRS Reporting system is its ability to consolidate all crucial information onto a single, accessible platform. This centralized approach ensures that essential details are readily available, contributing to streamlined processes and informed decision-making.

Moreover, the system plays a pivotal role in reaching out to all beneficiaries with equal efficiency, ensuring that the benefits of the ICDS initiative are accessible to everyone. The RRS portal, specifically, encompasses comprehensive data related to females aged between six and twelve, offering a valuable resource for targeted program management and support.

Guidelines for ICDS Web MPR Login Data Entry on icds-wcd.nic.in Portal

For seamless MPR data entry, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Start by visiting the official WCD ICDS Portal; you can access it by clicking [here](insert link).

2. Complete the login process using your Supervisor’s login ID and Password.

3. Choose the specific AWC or Anganwadi Center for which you are entering data.

4. Specify the correct month to generate the desired Monthly Progress Report.

5. Enter the MPR details as required and proceed by clicking on the Next Button.

6. Finally, submit your AWC Level Monthly Progress report to the nearby center CDPO, ensuring the timely and accurate completion of the data entry process.

Understanding ICDS Login on WCD NIC ICDS

The ICDS Login on WCD NIC ICDS refers to the access point for Anganwadi Centers to the ICDS CAS dashboard available at icds-wcd.nic.in mpr, specifically designed for the Poshan Abhiyan initiative. This dashboard operates as software that can be installed on the smartphones of Anganwadi Workers, representing a commendable initiative aimed at elevating the efficiency and services provided by these workers. The software facilitates various amenities, contributing to the overall improvement of the services rendered by Anganwadi Workers.

Enhanced Features of ICDS WCD NIC in MPR

The ICDS WCD NIC in MPR boasts a range of notable features:

1. Comprehensive Job Tools: The CAS dashboard provides a diverse set of tools designed to streamline job-related tasks, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Effortless Report Retrieval: With the CAS dashboard, locating specific reports becomes a seamless process, offering user-friendly navigation for quick and easy access to essential information.

3. AWS Services for Registration: The integration of AWS services enables the convenient registration of individuals’ names, contributing to a more organized and efficient data management system.

4. Performance Enhancement: The ICDS CAS dashboard has proven instrumental in elevating the overall performance of its users, enabling them to enhance the quality and scope of their offerings.

Enhanced Facilities and ICDS Login Process on icds-wcd.nic.in MPR

Facilities under ICDS Login on icds-wcd.nic.in MPR:

1. Comprehensive Data Access: View information about Anganwadi centers and Lady Supervisors seamlessly through the ICDS Login.

2. Swift Issue Resolution: Enable rapid identification and resolution of issues, ensuring a proactive approach to addressing challenges within the system.

3. Efficient ICDS Program Management: Streamline the management of the ICDS program, promoting effective oversight and coordination.

Process of ICDS-CAS Dashboard Login:

1. Visit the official website at its-cas.gov.in.

2. Click on the ICDS CAS dashboard login to access the platform.

3. Enter your username and password for authentication.

4. Navigate to the Reports option and select View All.

5. Click on the ICDS-CAS Dashboard login button to open the dashboard interface, facilitating an efficient and user-friendly login experience.

Key Terms and Full Forms in ICDS

1. AWC: Anganwadi Centre

2. AWW: Anganwadi Worker

3. BHD: Block Helpdesk

4. CDPO: Child Development Project Officer

5. DHD: District Helpdesk

6. DPO: District Programme Officer

7. ICDS: Integrated Child Development Services

8. ICDS-CAS: Integrated Child Development Services-Common Application Software

9. ICT: Information and Communication Technology

10. ICT-RTM: Information and Communication Technology-enabled Real-Time Monitoring

11. LS: Lady Supervisor

12. MWCD: Ministry of Women and Child Development

13. PIN: Personal Identification Number

14. POSHAN: PM’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nourishment

15. SDA: Software Development Agency

16. RTM: Real-Time Monitoring

17. URL: Uniform Resource Locator

Familiarizing yourself with those phrases is critical for comprehensive information of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) framework and its related packages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What does the RRS portal in ICDS stand for?

A. The RRS portal in ICDS refers back to the Rapid Reporting System. This system, introduced by way of the Indian government, implements a revolutionary Monthly Progress Report (MPR) method. The RRS Portal is mainly designed to fully support an internet-primarily based monitoring system, specially created for monitoring the Scheme for Adolescent Girls.

Q. How can I perform RRS in ICDS?

A. To complete the ICDS MPR Data Entry, follow the steps mentioned above for a detailed manual.

Q. Are ICDS and Anganwadi equal?

A. No, ICDS and Anganwadi aren’t equal. ICDS contains a crew such as Anganwadi Workers, Anganwadi Helpers, Supervisors, Child Development Project Officers (CDPOs), and District Programme Officers (DPOs). An Anganwadi Worker is a community-based frontline honorary employee in the ICDS Program, decided by the local people to play a vital role in the application’s implementation.

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